Our Attitude To Altitude

The only real challenge hikers face on Kilimanjaro is the changes in altitude as they ascend up to 6km. Here are  few things we do to combat this issue, making the climb is as safe and enjoyable as possible:


  • Longer route.  We have added an extra night in our Machame route hike (See itinerary) which gives you extra time for acclimatisation - the single most effective tool against altitude-related symptoms.
  • Unlimited purified water. Staying hydrated on the mountain can help mitigate mild altitude symptoms.
  • Nutritionist-designed meals. Our trekkers are served breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day, and snacks are distributed throughout the trek. Energy and nutrients are necessary for easing the effects of altitude.
  • Highly trained guides. Your guides are trained in high-altitude medicine, and can recognise and effectively manage rare health issues associated with altitude sickness.